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5 tech trends for news

The Kindle, text-messaging and palm pilots are just some of the platforms for delivering news. These five trends may point towards what products publishers should anticipate for their services:

1) Technology seeks to become wireless. The telephone, computer, video game controllers, planners and headsets are just some examples. HP developed a solar-powered digital camera for a remote village in a third world country. Computers, which already made a wireless revolution from desktops to laptops, should soon see commercial success of wireless chargers.
2) Devices become multi-platform. Individual Apple handheld products are one exemplar. Any new device compounds all previous handheld products, whereupon the iPhone is an MP3 player, palm pilot and mini video player.
3) Innovators pummel a specific question. The creators of social network sites like CouchSurfing, Facebook and Napster all had identified a specific problem prior to launching. What are news sites doing?
4) The digital masses snowball willpower. Lawsuits fail when sympathizers to the defendant replicate the offense exponentially. Corporations cave when those same defenders use peaceful protests or mob-like behaviors.
5) Customized technology overthrows one-dimensional, flat content. Search engines, the transition from HTML to XML, and active server pages all point toward personalized, accessible content. Consider this the death sentence for PDFs.


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