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Free business models!

The only changes that newspapers have made due to the Web concern making the news cycle 24/7 and attempting to turn their staffs into broadcast journalists. Newspapers have become online versions of CNN. And that’s disappointing.

In order to adapt to the Web, newspaper organizations transformed their staffs. They decided to become experts in slideshows, videos and content management systems. But for this last area, they attempted the grandeur of Google without a grain of Google’s search ability or customized options.
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Make news sexy

I’ve tested several RSS readers, but the best that I’ve encountered is Google Reader, which automatically checks off news stubs by simply scrolling. It’s convenient, aesthetic and simple.

You can skim through headlines, first paragraphs and headlines, or full text articles. The service is free, and there are no ads (the New York Times is the first site I’ve seen to implement ads for its RSS feed).

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