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Sorry AT&T, I’m just not that into you


I know we’ve been going steady for three years. I really loved last Christmas when you got me that new phone for free. But I didn’t know that meant we had to keep seeing each other for another two years. I just don’t get it — you can still be my carrier if I get a new phone.

I just don’t want to pay an early upgrade fee and be forced into another two-year commitment if I get an iPhone. It’s not that I’m afraid of commitment. Really. I love the $10 line I pay for.

But I want more. And I don’t want to pay the $5 a month fee for a measly 200 text messages and $30 a month for Internet access that you won’t let even let me hook up to my computer. In Europe and Asia, iPhone users with other carriers can do this, so why can’t I without hacking the device?

I’m sorry to go behind your back, but on Wednesday, I spent all night with an iPod touch in my bed. I wanted to buy an iPhone, but I’m so glad I didn’t.

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Why online news failed


Print media have failed online because they don’t know how e-mail works. Their Web sites have no regard for the basic principles of e-mail. In fact, they operate in a completely opposite fashion.

Imagine logging on to your e-mail to check for new messages. And imagine that you had hundreds of messages each hour because you had no filter. They’d be a horrendous system. You obviously need a filter for spam. Otherwise any relevant message from friends, family or colleagues would be lost. With a filter, you receive only the e-mails you want, which may amount to a dozen or so messages each day.

Print media run Web sites, however, in this exact manner. They spam readers with irrelevant content. And they fail to incorporate the most basic function of e-mail: the queue system.
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Readers are not robots

This past semester Syracuse University dealt with two deaths and two suicides for students in addition to a text message alert due to a nearby shooting. Whenever possible, I immediately jumped online to read about the breaking news. Picking up a newspaper the next day, though, never happened.

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Free business models!

The only changes that newspapers have made due to the Web concern making the news cycle 24/7 and attempting to turn their staffs into broadcast journalists. Newspapers have become online versions of CNN. And that’s disappointing.

In order to adapt to the Web, newspaper organizations transformed their staffs. They decided to become experts in slideshows, videos and content management systems. But for this last area, they attempted the grandeur of Google without a grain of Google’s search ability or customized options.
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